Purpose: "Be Stubborn Like That!" -Betty Irabor

Be stubborn like that. Many years ago while shopping at Selfridges with my mum, she picked up an item that was on sale and gasped at its price. She asked the sales lady if she could have a further discount . The bewildered sales lady politely told her NO. By this time I was fuming.. "Iye, you can't go asking for discount like that here , this is not Liverpool street market". I said. But Iye wasn't done.
"They can only say NO".she replied .She then asked to see a more senior manager who when he came complimented her about her funky look at her age and after listening to her plea for a further discount answered "of course Ma'am I can do that for you! " That's how my mum had her way! She asked and she got it. She knew that the worst that could happen was that she will get another NO! In life we should never allow others opinion stop us from getting what we want , it's always better to try than not to try because of fear of rejection or failure. My mum didn't give 2 sausages Abt being turned down, while I was getting embarrassed and reminding her this was not Liverpool street, she was determined to save a few pounds and she succeeded. She didn't let me stop her . She simply did what she needed to do. Never let anyone stop you from doing what you would love to achieve, no matter how stupid it may seem to others ..,be stubborn like that!

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  1. needed to read this reminder, great post!



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