Relationships: "You guys look so perfect, how do you handle conflict ?"

I get this question from my newly wed friends and a lot in my DM I feel led to share and I pray that this blesses someone ❤️ "You guys look so perfect, how do you handle conflict ?"
We are not perfect but we are BOTH committed to building a marriage that HE (God) WILL BE PROUD OF! Not for the sake of just having a yummy marriage but allowing God to perfect his image in us by the trials/conflicts we encounter daily.

When we have conflicts and I am sooooo mad, I try my best not to escalate the issue by talking back (I can talkkkkkkk😩). I assume the mumu position ( trust me this is not a bad thing TRUST ME) we take turns at this! one partner must always assume the mumu position for peace to reign.

If the issue is not settled there and then, I goan report him to God 😂 or report myself😊. While my flesh wants to act out with malice, resentment and pride. I ask God to humble me! Help me be a wife that is led by the spirit and not her emotions. Let my actions and my words reflect your light in me. So, no I'm not talking to you or cooking for you today Infact what do you want to eat? 😆😆 I ask him to show me what fruit of the spirit this conflict will supply to my heart. Love? Patience ? Perseverance ? Gentleness? After which we come together, discuss s way forward, kiss and make up. My husband is not my enemy! I only have one enemy - Satan.
Marriage can be blissful if we surrender our right to be right. And allow him do a work in us. 📸: @emmanueloyeleke.

-Mrs Black ( @jbums )

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