Purpose: Powede Lawrence

MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria) Tourism 2013 Powede Lawrence.

On Insecurities:
"All through my teenage years, I struggled with insecurities, I wasn't growing as fast as my peers, when every other girl in class was a C cup I was nothing close to an A cup, I was literally a "tom boy" cos I felt I didn't have feminine features.
I felt my ears were too obvious, I spent my entire secondary school years trying to make hairstyles that'll cover them. I also believed my thighs were too big and not proportional to my body, I would starve myself just wishing they would disappear, I remember going for a runway casting and been told that I had to loose my thighs.
I almost cried that day. I stood looking at the mirror for some minutes staring at myself, asking myself what I was doing...,

From that moment refused to let their opinion of my body define who I was. I was created uniquely, not to look like everyone else. From that day henceforth, I embraced my so called flaws, I realised beauty came from confidence within and if i didn't see myself as beautiful, no one else was going to.
You don't need anyone's validation to love yourself. No one is you, and that is your power. You're beautiful in every way."

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  1. Couldn't agree more. When we are young we are so fixated on what is wrong with us and as we get older, we long for the bodies we critiqued in our youth!!



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