Daily Inspiration: Make It Work

#Choice. I sat at a table with a few ladies last night at a dinner held in my honor and we talked a lot about marriage.I shared my journey and how what you see is hard work to keep to our commitment .Being married is even harder than building a career .My oldest son once said to fela &I "you both say marriage is hard but u make it look so easy "It may look easy but it is far from it.
1. The best choice u can make is the choice of who to marry. (we have a similar vision of what marriage should be)

2. We decided almost 17 years ago we will MAKE it WORK (we both come from broken homes)

3.We have created HABITS that keeps our connectivity as a couple .Eg .we meet up at airports to catch a kiss if one is arriving while one is departing ,we have a movie night after Wednesday service ,we travel once a year on our wedding anniversary to spend 7-10 days for just us,we keep in touch in the course of the day thru text messages and calls and many more.Some of these ideas were borne out of the challenges we faced and in a bid to deal with them we made these choices.Scheduled them and made them habits.

Sometimes we are tired on Wednesdays and I sleep off at the cinema but we just do it.In the 11th year of our marriage we had a death in the family and rather than go in May or cancelling altogether we moved it to June but we went.Once we couldn't afford a plane ticket ,we went by road to Cotonou and were harassed at the border but we went .We learnt thru the years that a trip can be easily ruined by one person being upset so we committed to resolving them fast.#marriageIsNot4Babies!

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