Wellness: Oyinkansola Story- 'I wasn't going to be this burden to my loved ones'

I have been quite hesitant about being open and vulnerable about this but this journey has been one of many highs and lows. I have learnt so much about myself and grown in ways that I will never be able to describe. If I can be any type of motivation to someone, and help anyone along their journey to 'find self' - nothing would give me greater joy.

MOTIVATION - I have always been on the plus size and for the most part, I was always ok with being big. The want to lose weight has always been there, but the will - not so much.
I knew how to dress for my size and knew how to make myself look good. Was I happy? So-so.
People who really know me know that I have battled with a lot of health problems over the years (most of them not directly related to my weight) and as the years went by - I was getting worse and worse. I got worse because I wasn't taking care of myself... eating badly, not taking my meds etc.

Everything came to a head when I went into hospital for routine surgery and ended up with complications and an extended stay in hospital, mounting bills. I was so unwell that I thought I was not going to make it. I looked at my mother who had slept in an uncomfortable chair for 5 days straight and knew that something had to change.
At 24 years old, I wasn't going to be this burden to my loved ones. I love life - if you know me, you know that I love to enjoy. It's a shame that it took me landing in hospital to give myself a reality check.

3 weeks later, I was discharged and on my way to recovery. I decided to use the time off to come up with a plan. I was going to stop bad habits, surround myself with positive influences and take accountability.

Bad habits - My biggest problems: Obsession with food and sedentary lifestyle. I used to dream about and plan my next meal... live for the next thing I was going to get to put in my mouth. Social activities with friends revolved around eating out/ drinking. Changing my relationship with food was difficult - learning that food is for sustenance and not a hobby. I would spend most of my time in my bed watching tv shows and sleeping late. Doing absolutely nothing active. If I was out of the house - my singular mode of transport was taking an uber.

Surround myself with positive influences - I found that whenever I moved 3 steps forward, it only took some negative experience/ person to take me 7 steps back.

Accountability - the spirit of procrastination is REAL. Putting things off when you can do them today. This was a big thing for me, not just in my fitness but in most aspects of my life. Taking those painful steps to be accountable is very crucial to long term success.

FOOD: As I said in my last post, I had to change my relationship with food. Do not get me wrong, I still love my food but I'm just more responsible with what I put in my body. I don't believe in diets so I didn't go on any diet per se. I cut out alcohol, stopped skipping meals, ate more frequently and SIGNIFICANTLY reduced my portion size. I choose healthier alternatives for some things that I cannot do without. E.g: quinoa, bulgar wheat, cous cous instead of rice etc, I increased my protein intake. I log in everything I eat on to the 'my fitness pal' app on my phone, so one can say that I watch my calorie/ fat intake.

SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE: Getting out of the house - Telling myself 'your bed is not your friend!!!' I started to exercise. Using my health app/ Fitbit watch I made sure that I made AT LEAST 10,000 steps a day outside of any scheduled exercise session. It does not cost any money and was a very easy way to start. I did this by deleting ALL of my cab apps and forcing myself to take public transport. Getting off a stop before my destination and walking the rest of it, walking to certain places - Just doing more. I paid for the membership at my local Virgin Active: to swim and gym. At first I started to train by myself or with my partner.

DISCLAIMER: At the beginning I was not at all consistent. Going to the gym was a hard sell for me. I realised that I was finding it difficult to exercise - because I was impatient.. I wanted to see results immediately and also because I did not really know what to do when I got into the gym. I needed a trainer, and I got one. I closed my eyes, paid 3 months upfront (as a part Ijebu girl, I knew I wouldn't let my money go to waste) and I got my good friend Dolly to join me (also making me accountable to her, and vice versa). When I exercise/ walk, I log everything on to the 'fitness pal' app and make sure I am burning more than I am putting in.

POSITIVE INFLUENCES: I am blessed to have the most supportive friends and family. They have been my source of motivation more than anything else. I have gym/ walk/ cycle dates with friends when I know they'd rather be having dinner at Hakassan 

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  1. Kudos to her on taking control of her health. She looks great! And gworlllll that pink dress 😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍



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