Real Weddings: Beverly & Tammy- "We Talked About Everything And Continuously Prayed As Friends"

The day I’ll never forget, 25th January 2014. My cousin came to pay me a visit and we were just talking about different things- life, friends etc.

After a few hours her phone rang and I saw a picture of the person calling named “Beverley” and in my mind I was like "Wow this girl is stunning". I had to beg my cousin to introduce us as friends but she kept saying “Oga don’t bother you're not her type”.

As soon as she said that I smiled and insisted that I just wanted to be a friend and that was all.

Afterwards she gave me the number.

The next day on January 26th 2014, I gave her friend a call and formally introduced myself as Tammy Karibo. The first question she asked was “please who is this and who did you get my number from?” I had to explain in detail how I got her number because at that point she wanted to hang up on me. Lol.

After I sensed she was a bit relaxed we started talking about different things ranging from school to sports, etc. I made her laugh and she felt comfortable talking to me. Before I ended the conversation she said, “Please don’t be calling me everyday, you can call but not everyday”. I laughed so hard and respected her word.

As days went by our talking increased from two times in a week to 4 times and then to everyday. We became so fond of each other and so close as friends. 

We talked about everything with each other and continuously prayed as friends about finding that special person for one another, without knowing we would be getting married to each other one day and today I’m so happy to be married to my best friend...

The Proposal

It was the 18th of June 2015.
Prior to that, I had told her sisters about my intentions. So we cooked up a plan. I called the Spice Route Restaurant in Port Harcourt, to set up a seafood buffet dinner for guests. We set the time for 7pm.  I told Beverly we were just going to hang out with her sisters, which we occasionally did, so she didn't suspect anything was different.

I picked her up at 6pm. My mum, in anticipation and excitement because she already knew, almost blew my cover because she kept calling. At a point I had to turn off my phone.

We got to the venue. You see, Bev loves ice cream with cookies and cream. So I ordered this for her and the ring was hidden in the ice cream bowl. How smart of me!!
Time for desert came. I was as nervous and shaky as a wet, cold duck. She started taking the ice cream one teaspoon at a time from the bowl. Inside me, I was like 'hurry up, before I collapse here out of nervousness'. Suddenly, she made a sound and spat something onto her hand, and threw it away, in fear, thinking it was a roach.
I knew that was the ring she threw away and went looking for it somewhere under the sofas at the restaurant. Found it and took a knee. I could see she was still in shock, thinking she had chewed on a roach. And I said these words, although she could hardly hear what I was saying; "you have given me peace, love and happiness. Nothing can compare to you. Will you marry me?" I had to ask that three times, before she caught her breath and said 'YES'

She went on Facebook and wrote these words;
Every Moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true
My favourite place to be is inside of your hugs
Where it's warm and loving.
I love you
Kiss me and you shall see stars
Love me and I'll give them to you
I love you with everything I am,
And more than anyone ever thought possible
And with all the life in me,
I said a big YES to the man of my dreams

The Registry

Traditional Wedding

White Wedding

We wish Beverly and Tammy a blessed and happy marital life. 

Photography by HB Pixels.

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